To comply with the new laws in Oregon,  All delivery must be from your caregiver.
With your first delivery well provide you information to become your caregiver.


Per the new law, all simple medical marijuana delivery services will be disbanded.

We were never a simple delivery service.

From the very beginning we required that we be your caregiver before we can deliver medical marijuana to you.  

We will be the only, original  delivery service, complying with the new OMMP regulations.

We are a collection of registered OMMP caregivers.


Per OMMP new laws: "Caregivers may pick up marijuana from any dispensary and deliver it to their patients."

We will still be here for our patients.  Especially those still housebound, low income, and very sick.  We will still bring you your meds, provided you stay current on your OMMP status, and we are still your caregiver!


All of our low income patients who run out of meds before the end of the month will still receive assistance with their meds, provided our budget does not get too far in the red.  We will still provide financial assistance if your cannot afford renewing your OMMP status.  Need a ride to the OMMP doctor, volunteers willing to help you set up your own grow, and provide assistance with nutrients, pests, mold and climate control.
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We are Oregon Delivery, an Oregon caregivers club.

You will need a valid OMMP card or current temporary OMMP paperwork.

Leave the rest up to us.

Low income and seniors receive the largest discounts.

Your donation/reimbursement, for for medical marijuana, is just a few steps away. .

Download OMMP change form

Let us know if your close to renewing your OMMP paperwork, we will provide you with everything you will  need to add us as your caregiver.

For Oregon Delivery, to legally transport your medical marijuana we must be your registered caregiver.If you already have a caregiver, you may switch back to that person at your convenience, when you no longer require our services. 

If your low income, and would like a delivery, we may be able to help you out with the change form fee's so that we can deliver your meds to your door.

any questions, contact customer support call or fax: 503-980-4272

This month's special: every donation comes with a bag of keef, marijuana concentrate. (The little crystals that form on marijuana buds.) See our order page

Customer support and fax: 503-980-4272


We offer discounts for seniors and low income folks.
Visit our products.

Simply order your medication, have one of us listed as your caregiver or have the OMMP change form, ready for the driver for your initial delivery. You will need the Ommp change form filled out (leave caregiver area blank) We will fill this area out. We will make Oregon Delivery, your caregiver. This gives us the legal right to transport your medical marijuana to you. Select "no change" for all other areas on your OMMP change form. Later you may change back to your original caregiver, when you no longer require our services. Our driver will have an Oregon drivers license photocopy for your change form. (required to submit OMMP change form) Driver may pick up both of these items with your first delivery, provided they are ready to mail to OMMP.

You are required to register and pay $10.00 one time registration fee.

OMMP card or paperwork, and photo id required for delivery.

Many orders can be delivered wiithin 24 hours!. . . . 

Customer support line: 503-980-4272

We specialize in Seniors and low income. We offer discounts for both!

We offer free consultations for Seniors and low income folks, who wish to learn to grow for themselves.
We will be there for you, all the way through your first successful grow. Nutrient and pest control advice, as well as spacing and climate control issues, we will assist you
with becoming a very good medical marijuana grower, and be self sufficient for your medical marijuana needs.

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Feedback from our customers

My mother was very grateful for the discounts and assisting with her medication needs!
- - - - - - - - - - -

Thank god for you guys! I am now off my fentanyl for longer periods, and can enjoy life's small pleasures again" Don M. Eugene Oregon.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Thank you for your delivery. I think you are providing a wonderful service. I emailed my friend with an OMMP cards today, and she orderd today. Thanks Again,
- - - - - - - - - -
I really hate the hippie sceene involved with securing my medical marijuana, that I really need for pain. I was very happy to see my driver was also a senior. My neighbors did not have a clue that I was delivered medical marijuana. Thanks for the great service!
Mary C.


Why we are in business of helping others?

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We decided to go into business to serve others that are too ill to travel, do not have transportation, want to keep their privacy or just cannot make it into the dispensary "type stores" here in Oregon.
The other reason that we are involved is that our founder has family with cancer. Some involved also have family with illnesses that cannabis products do wonders for. Our commitment to our patients has always been to bring you the very best product in stock to care for your medical issues.


Contact us.

Customer service, and or fax us. (fax automatically detected) 503-980-4272 Or email us at

Oregon Cannabis Delivery's inspiration

Oregon Cannabis Delivery service was founded because of a remarkable woman, my sister Debbie
Debbie was a loving wife and a caregiver in her own right. Debbie suffered from cancer and went through this tragedy with style and dignity.
As the inspiration to the Clinic, I am honored to share My Sisters Cancer Story. Debbie was treated with kindness by the medical community while she was in the dying process, which touched our entire familys lives forever.
This clinic is dedicated to all those whose suffering can be alleviated by our clinic and the medical community by recommending medical marijuana. I thank the voters of the State of Oregon for passing such a great legislative accomplishment as the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) because it's so needed by the patients such as my sister, and all that suffer.

Delivery Locations

Delivery Locations

Delivery Locations

Delivery Locations

Dispensary stores are not allowed in Oregon. But the next best thing is a cannabis club. Cannabis clubs provide medical marijuana items for donations/reimbursements like cut cured medical marijuana, marijuana clones(to grow your own medication), medical marijuana of all types. High quality clones for delivery, as well as marijuana edibles, and marijuana butter (used for cooking)

Medical marijuana dispensaries are legal in some states. In Oregon Dispensaries are not allowed. In oregon we have cannabis clubs. Cannabis clubs are storefront locations where patients and caregivers with a doctors prescription are allowed to obtain their medication, without the fear of repercussion or prosecution of the law. Many of these medical marijuana dispensaries, or cannabis clubs, have a variety of cannabis, from smoking the medical marijuana to consumables like cakes, cookies, beverages. With one location that provides all your needs, many medical marijuana patients prefer this method of obtaining their medication, as opposed to illegally obtaining their medication from an unknown, dangerous source. Our Cannabis club store is something were very proud of. It is considered Upscale and very clean.
We are looking forward to making all your lives a little bit better.
-Oregon Cannabis Delivery.

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